Neighbors Hope Walking the Block Will Keep Vandals Away

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A walk around the block is one woman's idea to keep her neighborhood safe.

After graffiti said 'God is Evil,' and other sayings, were spray painted on a family's home and cars, the neighborhood as a whole decided something must be done.

"I've lived here since I was 5," said Jamie Huff, who lives with her family around the block from the vandalism.

Huff grew up in the Indian Hills neighborhood of North Little Rock, and now her kids are growing up there too.

"This is a safe neighborhood in my opinion," said Huff.

Up and down the street, you'll see teens playing basketball, and Huff's kids on scooters.

But you'll also find something that doesn't belong.

"It was a shock to see something like that especially something so satanic because that's never happened in this neighborhood that I know of in 30 plus years I've been here," said Huff.

Just around the block, a family had 'God is Evil,' and 'I Hate God,' spray painted on their cars and home over the weekend.

"We just have a few bad eggs lately that have come around trying to disrupt the neighborhood," said Huff.

But the block refuses to let them do that.
So Huff's neighbor gathered support around 'Taking their block back.' Walking around every day and praying after such hateful messages.

"Something we already do we pray and my neighbor Elaine had a good suggestion on Facebook yesterday that we've got to stop it were not going to let it happen," said Huff.

Stop the vandals, and stop the hate.

"I don't think anybody has it in their heart to think that's not a good idea," said Huff.

As these kids enjoy their day off from school, their mom hopes their praying and walking, will keep them safe in their own yard.

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