New Grant Expected to Help LR Close Gap in the Arkansas Trail Loop

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- The city of Little Rock said they are closer to closing the gap in the Arkansas River Trail Loop.

June 16, 2017, the city announced it got a $1.6 million Federal Lands Access Program grant that will connect the trail between the bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Union Pacific tracks about a half mile from Arch Street to the Medical Mile.

When bicyclists get to Arch Street near City hall they have to jump on city streets. After this grant, the city said they will change that.

Lillie McMullen rode her bike on the River Trail Friday.

She showed us a map of the trail attached to her bicycle.

She said, "it's goes no where. "

She pointed out how the trail stops at one point near Arch Street and to keep riding the River Trail she would have to get onto city streets.  now specifically where teh loop is its kinda of hazy right now in my mind "

She said she does use those streets because "I don't feel as safe on it."

Aster Evans did not mind riding the trail on city streets.

He said, "definitely not the safest place to ride a bicycle."

Evans said he wished there was a bike lane or path instead of a sidewalk next to cars zooming by on the La Harpe Bridge. 

He said, "and it's even nicer if you have your own path."

Little Rock's Bicycle and Pedestrian coordinator  Dr. John Landosky explained what this grant will do.

He said, "after we get this grant it will open up the medical mile to be useful after arch street."

He said the tailed will continue past a fence that's by Arch Street all the way to the railroad tracks and a ramp will connect to what will be the BikePed Bridge.
He said that BikePed Bridge is a separate project that will cost about $1.3 million and is primarily funded through state funds.

Dr. Landosky said, "really at this point the big outstanding areas is in front of Dillards."

This is a big deal for Dr. Landosky who is passionate about his job.

He said, "I took it because I wanted to see things like this done."

The city said they expect to get the money from Federal Lands Access Program Grant in October.

Landosky said the construction by the Broadway bridge is not connected to the grants they have received for the trail.

The City of Little Rock sent this additional information about the grant.



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