Newspaper Delivery Man's Car Stolen While Working

BENTON, Ark. - Someone stole a newspaper delivery man's car while on his route in Benton.

"Being out here on your own gives you time to think," said Ricky Vanhoose.

For three decades, Vanhoose has delivered newspapers all across Central Arkansas.

"It just worked into my schedule real easy getting up early in the morning getting it done then be done for the rest of the day," said Vanhoose.

He said he's been everywhere from Jacksonville to Southwest Little Rock, and now he's delivering papers to doorsteps in the Hurricane Lake Estates neighborhood in Benton.

"Just look around look at all these big houses and ya know you wouldn't think anything bad would happen out here to you," said Vanhoose.

Ricky said he delivered the paper to two houses on a cul-de-sac but when he continued his route things changed.

"Something happened that morning pulled my car in the driveway got out wasn't 10-15 steps away from my car porch to paper and I heard a car door and thought it was someone getting ready for work," said Vanhoose.

But that wasn't the case.

"Then I realized someone was in it and I started running after it and yelling but they kept going," said Vanhoose.

Ricky's car, stolen from the driveway with his phone, wallet, and laptop.
Benton Police said it all totaled more than 15 thousand dollars.

"They spotted it going down highway five 30 minutes later going to little rock but couldn't stop them," said Vanhoose.

His car was found in North Little Rock, trashed and damaged.
Now he's hauling papers in this truck, rented for the time being.

"I've only missed one days since it's happened," said Vanhoose.

Now Ricky said he's just being a little more cautious, and he makes his way down the block on his paper route.

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