"No Disorder in the Halls" in LRSD, Students Say

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Each day, more than 20-thousand students cross the threshold into public schools in the capital city.

The Little Rock School District (LRSD) is the largest district in the state. Many know it's had its ups and downs.

We've heard from parents, teachers, administration, and supporters but another group who wants their voices heard is students.

They're the ones who sit in the classrooms, and they too have an opinion about the LRSD. We talked to some students who shared with us things they want the community to know.

"Most people just see the outside and not the inside," says Amy Cabrera, Hall High School Senior. Amy is getting ready to graduate, but before she leaves Hall High, she's expressing her thoughts on the LRSD.

"Not many people know what students see everyday," she continues.

Amy and other seniors, like C. J. Fowler from Central High, believe the district faces challenges, like a lack of city-wide unity.

"A chord that needs to be struck is that we need to bring Little Rock together. We need to realize that because an issue affects one community doesn't mean that the whole city can stand by and watch," C.J. says.

They know some outside the district perceive it negatively, or think there's disorder in the halls. They say that's not the case.

"I think people have this idea that the Little Rock School District is a failing urban school district with lots of violence and all these bad things are happening, but really, my experience is highly positive," C.J. adds.

"It's not just the bad. We have so many good things happening," says Amy.

District students shared their thoughts and concerns with LRSD Superintendent Mike Poore at a Twitter town hall. It included seniors from all Little Rock high schools having a conversation about how to create safe environments and a healthy community.

"Normally the parents and everyone else talks for us, but we're the ones that actually experience it, so it will be great to hear from our point of view," says Marvin Watson, who attends Parkview High School. 

As these seniors plan to walk across the state in the Spring, they hope to create a positive environment for the students walking in their footsteps.

You can follow along with the Twitter town hall conversation by searching for #LRSDListens on Twitter, or click here to watch the event on our Facebook page, where we streamed it live.

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