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Packages Scatter Interstate After Fatal Wreck

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- For the second time this week, a big rig crash ends with at least one death and a mess on a major Arkansas Highway. 

We reported the first accident happened Tuesday along I-40 in Lonoke County. Three people were killed in that crash. 

Friday afternoon, one person died in a wreck on I-440 in North Little Rock. 

Four families grieve this week after these two crashes both of which involved FedEx trucks. 

These deaths are the worst aspects of the crashes. They also leave several other problems behind. 

We looked into what happens to all the packages on the truck that crashed. 

J Hook Towing and Recovery in North Little Rock carefully sorted a FedEx's load piece by piece as investigators try to piece together what happened Friday afternoon on Interstate 440 in NLR. 

Tim Moody said, "It's not very common but there's really not an answer for it."

We talked with the general manager of J Hook Towing and Recovery Tim Moody as workers there unloaded the FedEx truck. 

"You got to have the proper equipment to get out there," he said. 

He's not talking about just removing the trucks so traffic gets moving back but also the load the big rigs carried. 

"Take it to the yard. You got to protect it until FedEx is handed the load back," he said.

We talked with Arkansas State Police Sgt. Brad Lann. 

Sgt. Lann said, "It's a lot of clean up. It's multiple loads spilled out on the interstate."

We saw tow truck after tow truck arrive Friday afternoon. 

Lann said once investigators arrived on the scene, "They determined that a tractor-trailer traveling westbound on 440 crossed left of center went over the median wall, overturned, then was struck by another tractor-trailer traveling eastbound on I-440."

Packages on the highway after a wreck isn't unfamiliar in Central Arkansas. 

About 4 months ago we showed you Amazon packaged being stored after a wreck in Lonoke Co. They were stored at Lucky's tow yard. 

We learned from that towing company those packages were recovered by the company and its insurance carrier within the 45 days they have to claim the items. 

Moody said, "Well, yes. That's very true but some of the loads, some of these FedEx loads, once the hold's release on them they'll be picking them up real soon."

Even though it's a job in the back of every mind is another family is grieving somewhere.

We're told 2 people in one of the trucks involved in Friday's wreck were taken to the hospital and expected to survive. 

As of Friday at 10 p.m. some of the lands on EB I-440 remained closed, according to I-Drive. 

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