Parent Says School Bus Sign Pushes Politics, Religion on Children

Mountain View Superintendent Ordered Signs Removed

ARKANSAS COUNTY, Ark. - "Can you get in it?" Katie Urbany says as she loads her daughter into a park swing on a crisp afternoon in Mountain View.

You want to go higher?" Urbany says.

This type of back-and-forth is expected at the swing set.

But, beyond the playground another back-and-forth is brewing.

"I saw that their bus had that sign on it," Urbany says.

She's referring to a sign that was spotted on two Mountain View public school buses last week.

They read: "We stand for our flag. We kneel for the cross."

"I just didn't feel it was right," Urbany says.

She has three kids in the district. 

She thinks the bus sign shifted beliefs into drive when they should have remained in neutral.

"The 'We' on that sign didn't represent my kids," Urbany says.

Urbany shared her photo on Facebook where opinions continue to pour in.

Some agree with her. Others agree with the sign.

"I believe that's all right," one man in town said Monday.

"I believe that's what people ought to do."

Urbany isn't against sharing beliefs on cars. A glance at her car proves that. Political bumper stickers can be seen across the back of her vehicle.

But for her, it comes down to whose ride it is and what's being shared.

" I just didn't feel like [the school bus sign] belonged on my kids' bus," Urbany says.

Mountain View superintendent Rowdy Ross declined an interview.

He says after getting phone calls about signs on two buses, they were removed.

He says he doesn't know who put them there.

As opinions and beliefs stay in motion, Urbany thinks some should stay in their lane.

She adds: "I would just love for them to be a little more aware of that kind of thing."

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