Pioneers in Women's Basketball Spoke in Batesville

BATESVILLE, Ark -- Some local sports legends spoke to a group of people today in Independence county. 

Three women who made basketball history spoke at the Old Independence Regional Museum in Batesville Sunday. 

The three women were a part of the All American Redhead basketball team. 

The women spent much of their lives "barnstorming" across the country. 

They spoke to a crowd at the museum about paving the way for women in basketball. 

One All American Redhead Sandy Mann said, "Back when they told us that we really couldn't be playing basketball it was not good for us, but we did we traveled, we played men, men's rules". 

The women spoke about the controversy surrounding the time they began playing basketball. 

A huge crowd attended today's event including many family members of the the All American Redheads. The event also included a question and answer session. 

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