Police Arrest Three Cabot Students in One Week for Threats to School

CABOT, Ark. - Two bomb threats in one week at a Cabot school led to a student's arrest. 

According to police, officers, firemen, the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office and the Little Rock Air Force Base sprang into action twice after a student at Cabot Junior High School South wrote bomb threats on bathroom stalls. 

"Of course I always think of the children in school," said Joyce Howell. "And naturally, you think of family first."

Howell's great-grandson goes to school there. 

To her relief, law enforcement cleared the campus both times and arrested the student responsible on two counts of communicating a false alarm, which is a felony. 

"I really think a lot of it is done by students to strictly to disrupt the school," Howell said.
When Howell was a student at Cabot schools, her classmates' pranks were far from bomb threats. 
"Heavens no!," she said. "You never dreamed of anything like that."

Time hasn't changed the nature of practical jokes. A recent graduate of Cabot High School said threats like this will never be funny. 

"That sucks because felonies don't go away," said Justin Goolsby. "That's a lot of risk to get back at somebody or just to get out of school for the day. That's not worth it for me. My whole senior year was just don't do anything stupid and graduate."

An alert from the school district warns students and their parents that threats of this nature not only result in criminal charges but also long-term expulsion.

Officers arrested another student this week at Cabot Freshman Academy for bringing a BB gun to school. According to police, the student received a juvenile ticket along with pending punishment from the school. 

"Just be smarter about it," Goolsby said. "School sucks sometimes but it's not worth going to jail over."

Howell added it's also not worth terrifying an entire community. 

"You think of the school and what might happen if a bomb should be there and detonated," she said. 

Police said officers arrested a third student this week for disorderly conduct after making threatening statements at school. 

Cabot police plan to refer three other cases to the prosecuting attorney's office for criminal charges for threatening statements either made at school or on social media.

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