Police Investigating Six Similar Assaults, Rapes Reports in NLR, Sherwood

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Police from North Little Rock and Sherwood are investigating six reports of rape and terroristic threatening since March 17, 2017.

The latest report from Easter Sunday, where a woman said she was on the Oakbrook Jogging Trail around 11 a.m.

North Little Rock Police said the woman was hit in the face and the male attacker tried to drag her to the woods.

This attack comes after five others in the area. The first March 17th, where a woman reported she was sexually assaulted after stopping at a gas station on McCain Blvd.

On March 25th, NLRPD had a report of terroristic threatening at Fox and the Hound.

Sherwood Police are investigating one report that a woman reported being abducted from Buffalo Wild Wings on March 29th, and taken to a nearby neighborhood and sexually assaulted.

April 11th, NLRPD said a woman walking home from her job at Wendy's had a similar encounter to other reports of a man in a red hoodie and grey sweatpants.

One report was not ready to be released from police so no information on what happened.

Both NLRPD and SPD said they compared notes Monday morning, and agreed the reports have several similarities. The main one, involving a male wearing a red hoodie and grey sweatpants.

"We feel like now going back and looking at that case we think its related and we've had a couple more crimes involving terroristic threatening and another sexual offense including rape," said Sgt. Brian Dedrick with North Little Rock Police.

Sgt. Dedrick added everyone needs to be on alert, and if something doesn't seem right call police.

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