Protecting Little Rock's Homeless

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - After two homeless women were found dead this year, advocates are saying this should be a wake up call for the City of Little Rock and something must be done.
One local man on the front lines of helping the city's homeless is Aaron Reddin with The Van. He's been driving the streets for almost 20 years, getting to know the people living there.
As the city searches for solutions, Reddin thinks much more needs to be done to help the homeless and more people need to step up.
"Once you process it, it turns to frustration because you try and try and try to find safe places for people," says Aaron Reddin with The Van. 
In May 2017, Terry Coffey was found dead near Markham and Bowman after floodwaters washed her away.
The body of Tina Moody was found last week on the edge of Shackleford Road. Little Rock Police said her death was a homicide.
"Saw the news reports and location and kinda we kinda assumed before we knew," Reddin continues.
Reddin says he knew both women, who he says lived in homeless camps.
The city posted eviction notices in those camps earlier this year, which were later taken down after backlash.
"That's what we've told city leaders over and over, please stop throwing rocks at these people until you have some sort of viable option," says Reddin.
"We have to understand first of all not everybody wants a shelter," explains Christopher Porter, Homeless Service Advocate. 
Porter argues that the city can only help those who want to be helped.
"When services are offered to you and you chose not to take them, you choose your own way," Porter says.
"We've got to have some alternatives somehow and pushing them all to southeast Little Rock is not an option," says Reddin.
So, while Reddin continues to work at the warehouse, sorting everything out, he knows it's going to take more than his efforts to help the homeless and make sure another doesn't fall victim to the streets.
The Homeless Coalition, the group that works to help people living on the streets, meets at 8 a.m. on Friday. Not only is the coalition working on housing for the homeless but it's also looking for a way to bring them to Jericho Way for a meal.

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