Purse Snatcher Strikes outside Little Rock Home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A local woman says less than a minute after she walked in her front door, a thief did the smash and grab, taking off with her purse.

But if it weren't for knowing her bank teller well...she wouldn't have any idea who did it.

Police say there's been an uptick in these types of crimes in the past few months.

"I ran by the dry cleaners," says Dawn Bailey.

It was supposed to be the end of a typical week for her.

"I go ahead and drop it off so I'd have room to pick my kids up...locked my car and walked inside," she explains.

Then, the dirty deed happened.

"My security camera shows I walked in at 1:01 and at 1:02 a brand new Ford Explorer pulls up and busted my window," she continues.

And Dawn's purse, gone.

"They crawled in and grabbed my purse under my coat on the floorboard," she adds.

Thirty minutes later, after her cards had been canceled, a Good Samaritan, Dawn's bank teller at the Bank of Little Rock on Cantrell Rd. called.

"He called at about 2 and said she was there...she's here with your driver's license and she's trying to cash a $4,000 check," Dawn says.

He snapped a photo of the alleged suspect...grabbing what Dawn says is a brand new SUV with temp plates.

Police report this unfortunately isn't unusual.

Across Central Arkansas, law enforcement has seen this happen in the past few months. Women doing the smash and grab.

"Everyone I know that it's happened to lately, it's been brand new cars, temp plates," she adds.

Benton Police say it happened in their area, when a bank surveillance camera picked up two women in December.

"I sent that picture to my bank teller because she fit the description. The age, blonde hair and sunglasses on her head and said that's her," says Dawn.

Now...what Dawn says is the scariest part. Her car was locked, in front of her home.

"You have to constantly be aware and looking over your back 24/7 now," she says.

She hopes with the picture circulating, someone can help her and the police, solve this crime, and end her week, better than last.

Dawn says if we could all be a little more aware, we'd be able to help our police departments solve more crimes.

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