Reverend Benny Johnson "Victimized" by LRPD

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Local community activist Reverend Benny Johnson is speaking out after he says police officers burst into his apartment with guns drawn on Monday night. 

Johnson says he heard gunshots outside of his apartment and called 911. 

He was looking out the window on the phone with the building manager when he saw police enter the building. 

Johnson says police came to his door and wanted him to come outside.

"I see why a lot of law-abiding citizens don't wanna call the police now. They end up a victim. I was victimized myself," Johnson said Thursday.

Johnson is the co-founder of the community action group Stop the Violence.

Little Rock Police say they thought Johnson had a gun up to his head when they saw him at the window.

Johnson did not file a complaint with the LRPD.

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