"Rights After Wrongs" - Day of Service Helps Formerly Incarcerated People Find Resources

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- An event -- helping those with criminal backgrounds transition back into the community.

For Jennifer Stiles, serving time in prison and now a recovery center-  was the wake up call she needed to change her life. "After my mom passed away I got caught up in the drug life,"says Stiles."Now, I'm receiving treatment and learning to be a more productive member of society," says Stiles.

Just like many others walking through the doors of the Arkansas Workforce Center for the "Rights After Wrongs" - day of service event. "We know people need resources, they need help," says Ericka Benedicto. Hands-on advice for people in the City of Little Rock - including those with criminal convictions. "People who are needing their records expunged if they qualify, meeting with attorneys, a number of resource and service providers, giving people information about re-entry services," says Benedicto.

Many people packing the room for legal and medical advice -  speaking to employers - looking to hire people with criminal backgrounds ,something that can be difficult. "When we get out of prison we get the door slammed in our face so many times," says Cheryl Allen. "We don't have a lot of access to a lot of things and some of us don't have cars, don't have access," says Caceia Coleman.

Organizers say they want this workshop to serve as a fresh start. "Help people get back on their feet for the new year," says Benedicto. So people like Stiles - can transition back into the community -  after serving time behind bars. "There are so many people here that are willing to help you if you are willing to help yourself," says Stiles.

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