Russellville Teen Gets Community Support After Accident

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark.-- Community supports has grown for a Russellville teenager who as of Saturday night is still trying to fight his way out of a coma.
Last Thursday, Fox 16 reported 15-year-old William Strickland suffered a severe head injury after a skateboarding accident. His family said he was not wearing a helmet. It happened just hours before his mom's wedding Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017.
A Russellville Bakery auctioned off the wedding cake to help pay Will's Medical bills. 
Since Thursday, we learned people are donating to a bank account set up at Centennial Bank in benefit of William Strickland. One of his church youth leader's also created a hashtag "#Willpower."
Gabrielle Short owns Kneading Hands Bakery. She auctioned off that wedding cake on the bakery's Facebook page. 
She said she bought the bakery in February 2017 so she could stay home and homeschool her child. 
She is a mother, sister, small business owner. 
She said, "my sister was in Children's for almost a month when I was nine. So I know the toll it takes on a family going back and forth from Little Rock and things like that."
She said she showed up to deliver the wedding cake Tuesday. 
"I was like I'm here. I'm here with the cake," she said. 
This wedding cake drop off was anything but routine. 
Short said Will's mother is a customer she will never forget. 
The owner said, "so when I found out he (Will) was transported to Children's and that it was going to be probably a pretty long haul, I knew that I wanted to help anyway I could. "
She decided to auction off the wedding cake to help pay Will's medical bills. She posted it on her bakery's Facebook page. The post would get people in the community's attention. 
She said, "I didn't have any intentions of it becoming what it did."
Her one post stirred into a lot of support for the 15-year-old. 
People donated money for the high school wrestler's medical bills. The teen's church community created a hashtag "#Willpower."
Short started to tear up as she was talking to us about the post. 
She told us why this is an emotional topic, "because I'm just so happy we got this opportunity to do this for them (Will's family)."
She said the support she has seen is support she knows his family will need during a journey she and her family know too well. 

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