Saline Co Man Survives Pit Bull Mauling

Dog owners cited for breaking vicious dog ordinance

AVILLA, Ark. -- A Saline County man is on the mend after four pit bulls mauled him near his father's Avilla home.

23 year old Matthew Bean was walking near Atkins Road early Sunday evening when his sister Jeanetta says the dogs escaped a neighbor's home and chased him down.

"He was stuck on a fence, trying to fight them off," Jeanetta explained.

A man nearby heard Matthew's screams for help and managed to beat the dogs away with a metal pipe. The victim suffered multiple dog bites, including sizeable chunks taken out of his leg and foot. Family says he's out of the hospital, but can barely stand.

Saline County deputies issued four vicious dog citations to the dogs' owners but the victim's family says more needs to be done.

"The dogs that attacked him, I do believe they need to be seized. They need to be tested, and I do believe they need to be euthanized," Jeanetta Bean said.

Saline County has no leash law. However, since her brother's attack, Jeanetta says she has learned of at least two other times those dogs have gone after someone, including a little girl. That concerns her, both as a mother and dog owner, as she says no one deserves to be attacked by a dog.

Jeanetta Bean is now hoping her brother's misfortune serves as a warning for less responsible pet owners to be more aware. She prays no other families have to witness a loved one torn up the way her brother was.

"Take care of your dogs," she said. "Watch them, put them up, and prevent it."

The victim's family has been told the dogs will be picked up by the Sheriff's office Tuesday. They will then be quarantined for at least ten days. No word yet on what will happen after those ten days.


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