Second Massage Spa Busted for Prostitution in LR Since Start of 2017

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-  "Several months ago the vice unit received a tip," Sgt. Allen Hamby said.

Flowers aren't the only thing springing up off of Ferry Street in downtown Little Rock.

"There was possible sexual activity going on," Hamby said.

While Garden Home Spa Massage has an at-home appearance, what police say was happening inside was illegal business

"After sexual contact was made with the detective, the vice unit went inside the business and arrested the individual doing the massage," Hamby said.

It's the second prostitution arrest made at a Little Rock massage spa since the start of the year and according to police could stem from possible human trafficking.

"We were being told that she was brought in here from New York on a plane by the owner," Hamby said.

The spa's owner Chiew Lee was not at the business Wednesday.

In a police report, detectives say Xia Chang, the woman arrested on a prostitution charge, lives at the same Benton address as Lee. 

"They have traffic in and out of there I can tell you that," one neighbor said

Neighbors say cars constantly pull into the side of the house at night. 

"They have people come on a fairly regular basis there. I don't know who they are and what's going on," one neighbor said.

Police say the businesses license still stands but could be up for reconsideration by the Health Department.

"Was there any human trafficking involved? Was she brought here against her will? There are a lot of things we're still looking at," Hamby said.


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