Sherwood Police Proactively Fight Against 'Porch Pirates'

SHERWOOD, Ark. - The season of giving is here and after one of the busiest retail holidays, your online orders are now being delivered to your doorstep.

The deliveries are sitting ducks for what's known as "porch pirates." 

"We were seeing several package thefts both off the front porch and out of the mailboxes," Sgt. Keith Wilson with the Sherwood Police Department said, referring to earlier in the year. 

But in the height of the giving and sometimes stealing season, Sgt. Wilson says a few preventative measures have helped change the expected fraudulent forecast.  

Some of those changes include patrolling neighborhoods during peak package delivery times, having residents change their delivery location to a secure location like their work place or Anytime Valet package kiosk, and finally encouraging neighbors to install video doorbells. 

But if something is stolen, tell police. 

"When you do a report that allows us to go back through and say OK, we've had this type crime, at this date and time, and we can track that and start watching it a lot better," he said. 

So far the number of reported 'porch pirates' this holiday season in Sherwood, zero. 

"Knock on wood, but so far so good."

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