Social Media Helps Family Get Back Stolen Truck

JESSIEVILLE, Ark. -- A truck stolen out of Saline County found after neighbors from two counties joined in on the search for it and the suspect.

What started off as just a normal day. "We had just gotten in from a big horse show in Forth Worth," says Michelle Carnahan, quickly turned into a nightmare when their family truck was stolen from their driveway.

"I noticed the trailer was tipped to the side and the truck was gone," says Carnahan. She immediately shared what happened on her Facebook page - including a picture of the stolen truck. A post she thought would only reach her neighbors, spread after a woman - 22 miles away - was approached by a suspicious man with a strange request who happened to be in a similar truck. "This guy says come get this water bottle and put some water in there," says Jessieville Community Watch administrator, Holly Robertson.

Robertson runs the Jessieville community page and shared a post warning others about the suspicious man in the black truck. "When I did a friend of mine nearby came on and said a friend of hers had a truck stolen in Bryant," says Robertson.

From there, others started to chime in, saying they spotted the man and the pickup truck driving around the area. "So I got on the page and contacted the lady from Bryant and I said can you call me, I think your truck has been in Jessieville," says Robertson. "From that page, we were able to locate him and someone who saw that page and saw him driving actually called police and he was captured," says Carnahan.

A multi community effort, to return a stolen truck and put a criminal behind bars. "If we all work together a lot of times you can stop things like this from happening," says Robertson.

They say the man responsible has been arrested. We are still awaiting information on his identity and possible charges sometime this week.

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