State Senate Candidate Criticized for Facebook Posts

'Divisive language; that's not what we need'

Just off Main Street in Russellville, a 'Bob Bailey For Senate' sign greets drivers cruising through the downtown district.

But, different images under Bob's name online has some web browsers pumping their digital brakes.

"It's so sad man," Charles Blake says.

Rep. Charles Blake (D) represents the state's 36th district. 

He reacted Wednesday to a Facebook post from Bailey's firearms business page.

It appears to call out Blake, posted two days after the Power Ultra Lounge shooting.

The post reads: "This idiot wants to punish us because one of his whack job brethrens shot 17 people down in Little Rock..."

"I have not spoken with Bob Bailey," Blake says.

"I don't know him...I don't know what -- I don't know how to interpret it."

Blake says this is not the first time he's seen questionable posts from Bob Bailey.

Another one appears to show a meme Bailey shared, mocking Superman and the disinterest in fighting crime in Pine Bluff.

Another one shows photos of buttons that read 'Think Chink.'

And, another one is shown defending the confederate flag.

"Divisive language," Blake says.

"That's not what we need."

We spoke to Bob Bailey by phone on Wednesday. 

He said some of those posts had been deleted, and multiple people have access to post on his Facebook accounts.

He declined an on-camera interview but released a statement calling criticism of his posts: "An intent to discredit his campaign." 

He went on to state:"It's ridiculous...but I'm honored they spent this much time on me."

Meanwhile, Blake passed along a warning to residents in District 16.

"The people of Russellville and that area need to think twice about who they are sending to the state Capitol to represent them."

Bailey is facing two other Republican opponents in this race: Breanne Davis and Luke Heffley.

Teresa Gallegos is running on the Democratic side.

Primary elections are set for Tuesday, Feb. 13. Early voting is already underway.

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