Still Waiting for Justice, LR Mother Mourns Son Killed in 2006

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - It's hard enough to know your son was gunned down in cold blood. Harder still to not know why.

Fred Thompson was killed 11 years ago in Little Rock and his 80-year-old mother, Norma Thompson, still grieves his death.

In our Unsolved Spotlight, Fox 16 News Anchor Donna Terrell tells their story with the help of rapper Laron McAdoo's lyrics written especially for this segment.

"Imagine a Spring morning with nothing alarming to look for.
Interrupted by knocks at the door.
A picture and a question, Is this your son...."

"I told them yes. Fred was coming to my house like at 6 in the morning. Only thing I know is what the detective told me. He was killed in the 23-hundred block on Wright Avenue. He died by himself alone on the side of the road," Norma Thompson says.
"Told there was a shot at a distant range. 
A bullet felt before he heard the bang."

"He didn't even have time to holler help...cause they say the way that bullet went into his head...he was instantly dead," Thompson continues.

"His body made a bed of the asphalt, dirt and grain.
He was left with his money, jewels and chains.
She was left with an unnatural mother's pain." 

"You don't get over something like that. It hurts you all over. It's not a day that goes by that you don't think about him," adds Thompson.

"No forensics or finger prints.
No evidence from the incident.
Just empty handed
Just a file collecting dust taking space...
An unsolved crime
A cold case......"

"March 13th, 2006," Thompson says of the date she lost her son. "I've been waiting all these years. That's 11 years. I hope they find his killer before my time is up. I can find out who it is and I just want to ask them why. What did Fred do so bad to you that you wanted to kill him. Why?"

Norma Thompson told Donna Terrell that years ago she would put notices in the newspaper asking anyone with information about Fred's death to come forward. 

She doesn't do that anymore and the last time she spoke with police they told her even though it's a cold case, the case is still open.

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