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Student Hit by Car, Witness Starts Facebook Live

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. - It's like a scene from the movies but there's no script. It's real and live.

A Jacksonville Middle School student walking to the bus stop was hit by a car Thursday morning.

Akilah Mcgriff says no one nearby knew the 14-year-old, so she started a Facebook Live to help find his parents.

"My intentions were not to disrespect or to put any negative image out there to hurt anybody or make anybody feel uncomfortable," says Mcgriff.

The video was met with mixed reaction from viewers.

"Why not help? I could've just kept going because there were people that just walked away and this boy is just laying on the ground," she says.

After getting to the hospital, Mcgriff realized the boy and his family live across the street from her. The Jacksonville student was released from the hospital late Thursday.

The boy's mother, Carla Bankston, says she wanted the video deleted at first but is now thankful for it.

"I was mad and I was upset mainly because I didn't want my baby to see that," says Bankston. "I'm glad she recorded it because it helped us out and the police out."

The 14-year-old's life is just beginning but may have ended on Thursday if not for his backpack.

"When he ran him over -- that [backpack] saved him," says Bankston.

The mother has not watched the video which has been seen by nearly 20,000 people.

The boy lost several teeth and his face is badly injured.

Police in Jacksonville are interviewing the man who hit the teenager.

Authorities did not want to comment on the investigation.

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