Tacos 4 Life Burglarized, Footage Shows Door Being Shattered

Conway Police Search for Suspects

CONWAY, Ark. - New shipments hit the shelves at Vape City in Conway. Owner Dang Tiv enjoys inhaling the business that downtown customers provide.

"I think it's an awesome area," Tiv says.

But, that idea of awesome may have gone up in smoke after Conway police released video Tuesday of a break-in at the nearby Tacos 4 Life restaurant on Oak Street..

It shows two people shattering a door and forcing their way in.

"I don't know what they would steal from Tacos 4 Life," Tiv says.

"Some tacos?"

The break-in happened last month right across the way from Tiv's vape shop.

We showed him the clip Wednesday morning.

"Yeah it's pretty crazy," Tiv says while watching it.

Conway police have launched an investigation.

"This is a big shock to a lot of people because of the kind of business that it is," LaTresha Woodruff says. She's the public information officer for the Conway Police Department.

Tacos 4 Life has several spots across the central Arkansas and is known for providing meals to needy children.

"It seems these days that no place is sacred anymore," Woodruff says.

Word of the taco troublemakers fueled outrage on social media. One Twitter user wrote: "You don't rob any restaurant especially not God's restaurant."

Tacos 4 life sent a statement that reads in part:

"We appreciate the public's support in helping the Conway Police Department identify the suspects at hand... Our Tacos 4 Life family is grateful nothing was taken from our location.

Tiv adds: "It scares me as a business owner knowing that it just happen across the street."

It's a recipe for concern caught on camera.

If you recognize the people in the video or even recognize their mannerisms, please call the Conway Police Department at 501-450-6120.

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