Teen Asking for Ping Pong to be a Sanctioned High School Sport

POTTSVILLE, Ark. - A Pottsville High School Senior has served up a new idea to the Arkansas Athletics Association (AAA). 

How about making ping pong, a sanctioned high school sport?

Nick Hagerty tells us he contacted 200 schools across the state, trying to drum up interest. 

He says the AAA told him the sport would need to be developed as a club sport before getting sanctioned. 

Hagerty says there's an interest from at least 50 of those schools he talked to. 

"Well talking with Triple A they said that wrestling and soccer started off the same way, just trying to get schools involved with a club and Triple A picked it up later and added it as a sport and they're doing the same thing with bowling right now," says Nick Hagerty.

The 17-year-old is doing this as part of a class project.

He's hosting a ping pong tournament at Pottsville High this Saturday. 

Anybody interested can send him an email at nicholas.hagerty@pottsvilleschools.org and bring $5.  

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