Three Months Later, Only One Person Charged in Little Rock Mass Shooting

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Sometimes history is easy to forget and painful to think about.

"I don't hear too much about it no more," says Tasheara Solcum.

Solcum and 24 other people were shot at Power Ultra Lounge July 1 in downtown Little Rock.

"It has affected me mentally. I'm still in some sort of pain," says Solcum.

It's not just impacting the shooting victims.

"There are still things we are actively doing. It's a very active case," says Little Rock Police Lt. Steven McClanahan.

Only one person has been charged in connection to the shooting.

McClanahan says Kentrell Gwynn faces ten counts of Aggravated Assault. He is a bodyguard for Finese 2Tymes. The rapper was performing when gunfire erupted.

The performer also faces charges in a separate incident but detectives have not connected him to pulling a trigger.

"Like your mass shooting in Las Vegas, San Bernardino and other places, you have one shooter or a couple doing the shooting under very different circumstances. We have multiple shooters here related to a concert involving some gang members, we do believe," says McClanahan.

Investigators say they're still working to find key people who may have pulled the trigger.

"Limited cooperation. Of course, then, when you get cooperation how is that defined? Are we getting full cooperation from the stand point, are people talking with us being truthful," says McClanahan.

Solcum says she thinks police are doing everything they can to close the case.

"With no helpful tips they probably wouldn't know who it was," she says.

She hopes people come forward to close this chapter of the city's past.

"It kinda disappoints me that they don't know who was shooting in there but I feel better that I am still alive," says Solcum.

McClanahan says if people have video from inside Power Ultra Lounge the night of the shooting, you are asked to send it to police.

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