Update: Son in Custody for Beating His 68 Year Old Mother

Update (November 7): GRANT COUNTY, Ark. - 

On Oct. 29 Grant County Sheriff Deputies responded to a call that an elderly woman had been found lying on her floor near the 900 block of Main St. in Leola.  

Officials say the victim was found with her feet bound and bleeding from a head wound. Constable Martin Dockery had responded to the scene for a welfare check after a family member called him directly. 

During the investigation it was discovered that a Roy Hendrix, 48, was identified as the victims son. 

Investigators tell our reporter Jonathan Rozelle that Hendrix left his mother to die and stole her car, plus other items in the process, but a neighbor found her in time.

On Nov. 6 investigators were able to locate Hendrix and he was charged with 2nd Degree Battery, kidnapping, residential burglary and theft of property. 

The investigation is continuing with possible additional charges or the charges upgraded at a later date. 

The suspect is currently being held at the Sheridan Detention Center with a $50,000 bond.

The victim has been released from the hospital and is recovering. 

Original story: 

GRANT COUNTY, Ark -- A woman is recovering in the hospital Tuesday night after authorities said she was found tied up and badly beaten.

We are told she was hit several times in the head and suffered a fractured skull.

The Grant County Sheriff's Department said the brutal attack happened over the weekend.

Martin Dockery thought it was going to be a routine checkup on his 68-year-old neighbor, Sunday.

"Got a call [from her granddaughter] and I go up here and I knock on the door," said Dockery. "She has [fallen] before and lives, most of the time, by herself."

But as Dockery got closer to the his neighbor's home, he noticed things that made him raise a brow.

"Her cas was gone, lights were on and the television,  she [doesn't] ever leave on, but it was on," said Dockery.

He walked around the outside of the home, knocking on windows and checking the backdoor, hoping his friend would respond ... but silence.

Dockery went back to the front of the home and looked through a window.

"I could see [in] the corner ... feet just passed the couch there," said Dockery.

Dockery busted open the front door, where he said he found the woman knocked out,  laying in a pool of blood with a black cable tied around her feet.

"I was pretty mad," said Dockery.

Dockery, who is also a constable, did a sweep of the house, but didn't find anyone.

"Yeah, I took it very personal," said Dockery.

He said his battered neighbor came to a bit when first responders arrived.

"She was looking at me, but wasn't much [responsive]," said Dockery.

Investigators saud neighbors identified the woman's son, Roy Hendrix, as the last person seen at the house.

They said Hendrix only considered a person of interest, at this time, and could possibly be driving his mother's missing car.

"I'm very thankful she's alive," said Dockery.

Dockery is praying his neighbor makes a full recovery soon so she can tell authorities exactly what happened.


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