Update: Teen Shot in Garland Co. Remains in Hospital

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. - A 15-year-old boy shot in a Thursday night incident is reported in serious but stable condition.

A medical helicopter rushed him to the hospital from the scene on Fernwood Street.

On Friday, people who live in the neighborhood shared their reaction to the violence in their normally quiet area.

"It sounded like three or four shots, it sounded like someone knocking over a trash can honestly," said Christa Penn. "Looked outside the window and there were police and ambulance."

"No problems whatsoever. First time it's ever occurred in this area," added Dianna Bates.

"You hear about it sometimes in Hot Springs or closer to town but not out here," Penn continued.

"This is not the norm at all," Bates said.

Original story:
GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. - A 15-year-old boy has been shot multiple times in a Thursday night incident.

Officials say it happened around 6:30 p.m. along Fernwood Street.

Deputies say the teen was airlifted to the hospital but there's no further word on his condition.

Officials say they have a possible suspect who is not yet in custody. 

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