Valentine's Day Deadly Shooting Marks Fifth Homicide for NLR

'Something really got to change'

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - "On Valentine's Day...a murder."

Gilbert Scott reacts to news of a deadly shooting just down the road from where he works, along Interstate 40.

Blue lights beamed outside the L'oreal Maybelline plant in North Little Rock early Wednesday morning.
"I showed up to a bunch of cars making U-turns and a locked gate," Bryan Ballinger, a truck driver, says as he arrived at the plant.
Word spread quickly after police confirmed 32-year-old Jim Gilot shot and killed 19-year-old Chasity Cannady before shooting and killing himself in the parking lot.
"Something really got to change," Scott says.

He heard about it while watching the news and sipping his morning coffee.
"I was saying 'Lord have mercy, I've got to go out this way and they done killed somebody? '"
Police say the woman, Chasity Cannady,  was a current employee at the plant. The gunman, Jim Gilot, worked at the plant before. It's unknown if he was currently employed there.
"I've been over at Maybelline, I've applied for jobs at Maybelline," Scott says.

"It's just weird to me."
Wednesday's deadly shooting marks the fifth homicide in North Little Rock this year, which is more than half of last year's total of nine.
This isn't an incident that occurs often in our city, especially a tragic murder suicide such as this," Sgt. Amy Cooper with NLRPD says.

Scott adds: "Like I said, times is changing and people just got to wake up."

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