Van Buren Co. Jailer Could Lose Job Over "Key Lime Pie" Soap Prank

CLINTON, Ark. - A Van Buren County Sheriff's Office jailer could lose his job for a prank the Sheriff confirms the employee pulled on two inmates.
A bar of soap labeled key lime pie was given to the inmates to eat Tuesday (8/3) night around 11:30.
The packaging of the sample bar of soap says sweet and tangy but small print on the side explains the bar is intended as a body wash.
Carroll Grimes heard from his 21-year-old son, Colton, who claimed he had been throwing up. 
He says what may have been a prank put his son, who's serving time for a probation violation, in danger.
"It's not a joke," Grimes insisted. "I hope the guy that did this loses his job and put him back there with them boys for a little bit."
As a precaution, VBCSO says the two inmates were sent to Ozark Health Medical Center but cleared after 15 minutes with no medical issues.
The Sheriff's Office confirms the jailer had asked the inmates if they like key lime pie before handing them the soap to eat. Before they took a bite out of it however, other jailers told them not to eat it.
The Sheriff's Office also says the inmates were seen on surveillance cameras spitting out the soap into a trash can but both began to complain of sickness.
The jailer has been placed on administrative leave but punishment could include termination.
Sheriff Scott Bradley said, "It's a dangerous job [in the jail] and you have to have better judgment."

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