Vandals Break Fence of Historical Cemetery

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- A historical cemetery vandalized for the second time in two weeks.

"I got up this morning and they came out and hit the fence again," says Shelby Smith.

Smith has lived behind Ida Mission Cemetery for 15 years."A lot of families come out and just spend time, come visit," says Smith. But Sunday morning, he woke up to see the fence in front of the cemetery, damaged overnight. "It's really devastating when things like this happen to disrupt the peace of the community."

Debris from the broken fence, scattered across the lawn and the side of the road. "Given the way the debris was thrown it seemed intentional, didn't seem to be loss of control." Not something smith expected to see, especially since the same thing happened just a week before. "We thought it was an accident but clearly it wasn't' because they came back last night and tore up the rest of it."

Smith says the cemetery may not have been the only place vandalized in the neighborhood."You can tell it was deliberate, they didn't' only do damage here, but went down the road and cut donuts in the neighbors yard."

Now, the community is trying to figure out who is responsible - while figuring out a way to fix the fence. "I hate to think it's someone from your community who is doing this."

Neighbors say they believe the person responsible may have been driving a white Toyota Camry.

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