Victim Reaction to Stacey Johnson Stay

DEQUEEN, Ark.-  Just like Ledell Lee, Stacey Johnson was also scheduled to die last night,  but his stay of execution was not appealed.  

Johnson is convicted of killing Carol Heath in Dequeen in 1993. During that faithful night, her two young children were in the home when she was killed.  

"I spent the first two and a half years of my life here," said Johnathan Erickson, Heath's son. 

Erickson's mother was brutally murdered in their home on Vandervoort circle more than two decades ago.

"My mother's bedroom was around the corner here and my sister heard the sounds going on in the living room at first she just pushed me off the bed in between the wall and the bed," Erickson said.

Authorities charged Stacey Johnson and he was later sentenced to death.

Friday was the first time Johnathan was back inside the home.

"That's where I first saw my mother laying on the floor."

He went to the Cummins unit Thursday night with a hope that Johnson would be executed.

However Thursday afternoon came and Johnson's stay remained. 

"They came into the room and told us that his stay had been upheld and I lost all hope."

Although some faith did remain.

"I think seeing Ledell Lee's go through last night restored a little faith in our legal system."

But no matter how much he may have, it still isn't enough to bring his mom back

"He took something away from that can never be given back."


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