Victim's Mother Reacts to Man's Claim He Witnessed Murder

'I believe every word that he says'

SALINE COUNTY, Ark. - Railroad tracks in Saline county have a story, but at its crossroads is where rumors and reality continue to collide.

Now for the first time in over 30 years, the unsolved double murder of two teenagers in Saline county takes a new turn after a man claims he saw it happen.

"You know, whether anything will come of any of it, I don't know," Linda Ives says while speaking by phone Tuesday. 

"But, it certainly helps put some pieces in place that have been missing for many years for me."

Linda's son, Kevin, and his friend, Don Henry, were both found dead on Saline county tracks back in 1987.

In the three decades since, conspiracy theories and allegations of corrupt cover-ups have emerged.

But, this new witness claim might be the most shocking.

"I believe every word that he says," Linda says.

In a six-minute online video posted just weeks ago, former pro wrestler, Billy Jack Haynes, admits to being hired as security for a drug deal at those very tracks.

During that transaction, is when he says he saw Kevin Ives and Don Henry murdered.

"You know, he puts himself right on the scene of a murder. Double homicide," Linda says.

"He has nothing to gain from this."

In the video, Haynes doesn't use any names but does say a "criminal Arkansas politician" hired him to watch over the drug deal and that the individuals who murdered Kevin and Don were also hired by that same politician.

"He has put his life on the line in coming forward. There isn't any doubt about it," Linda says.

"I absolutely fear for his safety."

It's the latest twist on these tracks that have become anything but a smooth ride toward justice for Linda.

She left this parting message for authorities still investigating the case: 

"Yeah I've got a message. Do your job. Do your freaking job."

The Saline County Sheriff's Office confirms it is aware of the new claim and Haynes' video but would only say that the case is open and active.

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