Ward Man Arrested for Shooting Dog, Stabbing Puppies

Facing seven counts of animal cruelty

WARD, Ark. -- A Ward man is facing seven counts of animal cruelty after police say he shot his own dog, and then stabbed her six puppies to death. 

44 year old Scotty Jackson was arrested at his home on Margie Drive Monday. 

In the police report, Jackson defended his actions, saying his female Pit Bull had viciously attacked another neighbor's dog Monday morning. The report reads that when officers got on scene, Jackson took them into the woods behind his house to show them the dead dog. Under a blanket, the officer found six small puppies. All were dead except one that was barely breathing. The surviving puppy later died. Jackson told police the puppies were just two weeks old. 

In the report, Jackson claims killing the puppies was "the right thing," because "there are too many of them dogs around here that turn into biters." 

Officers found a butcher knife with blood on it directly behind the mother dog in the woods. It appeared to be covered in blood and dog hair. 

Kate Lynn Lee lives two doors down and says hearing the news made her want to cry. 

"He could have took them to a shelter," she said. "Or he could have called the police to say 'hey, I can't take care of these puppies, the mama is vicious.'"

While heartbroken about the dog, Lee says it's a slight relief knowing a vicious dog is no longer around her kids or her own dogs. Her family has four. 

"It's better that the dog is gone, yes, but it's not good knowing how the dog went out," she said. 

The neighbor's dog that was attacked had to be put down, according to police. Ward Police also say Jackson also broke a number of city ordinances, including the city's leash law. 

Jail records show he bonded out of the Lonoke County jail Tuesday. 

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