Web Extra: Loved Ones Remember Baseball Player

We spoke with some of those closest to Taylor Roark, a Sylvan Hills graduate and Henderson State freshman who passed away in 2008, just one week before starting in his first collegiate baseball game.

It's been 10 years since he passed, but his legacy, impact and memories continue to thrive. 

Here's what some of his friends and family said they think Taylor would be doing today.

"What would Taylor be doing today," Denny Tipton says to himself.

 "Man that's a good one."

Tipton is the head baseball coach at Sylvan Hills High School and coached Taylor.

Taylor's mom, Lisa, thinks he would still have some connection to baseball.

 "Probably his baseball days would be over, and he would be playing on some men's softball team or something," Lisa says.

"Involed in athletics, still have the same friends."

"He really wouldn't want to be inside behind a desk for sure," Tipton says.

 "I really could see Taylor coaching."

Lisa adds: "I hope he would be married. I think he would have kids already."

I really think what he'd be doing today,  I think he'd be making sure he was doing something giving back to the game that he loved," Tipton says.

"I really do think that he'd be giving back to everything he loved."

Lisa adds: "I think he would be a great husband and dad."

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