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Witness of Officer Hit By Car Speaks

LITTLE ROCK, Ark -- A speeding car runs down a Little Rock police officer while trying to make an arrest. 

Police now on the hunt for that hit and run driver. 

The man he was arresting we're told he suffered minor injuries. 

FOX 16's Charmaine Nero spoke to a security officer who witnessed the shocking chain of events. 

"To be honest, it was surreal."

Thaddeus Hamilton was working security for a homecoming party just off daisy bates  Saturday night...

"It was like six or seven officers out here and everything was just going smooth."

...When police say a group trying to get in to the party began yelling profanities at the officers providing security outside. 

They say Lt. Johnny Gilbert was in the process of arresting 25-year-old Daryl Johnson for disorderly conduct when a car hit both men while they crossed the street. 

Hamilton said, "I was about 4 or 5 feet from the officer and the other guy when they got hit, and the guy that he hit was in the handcuffs."

Police say the driver of the car left the scene. 

Hamilton says he believes it was intentional. 

"It had already been coming down this street since like eight something when I came to set up."

Hamilton says he's hoping the person responsible for the hit and run is caught soon.

"Everything was calm everything was beautiful until that happened."

The suspect's car is described by police as a maroon sedan or crossover type vehicle. 

There is no suspect information at this time. 

If you have information, call police.

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