Witnesses Describe Deadly, Clarksville Officer-Involved Shooting

CLARKSVILLE, Ark.-- Neighbors described a nerve-racking moment when they said a man gripping a knife charged at police. 

On Sunday State police identified the man shot and killed Saturday night by Clarksville police as 56-year-old Nyung Kyee. 

We talked with witnesses who live in the neighborhood where it all happened on Sunday evening. 

Neighbors described their Clarksville neighborhood as pretty quiet. We saw kids playing in their front yard's Sunday, but Saturday night it was a terrifying scene on Cline Road. 

"I had 6 burgers on the grill," Richard Oliver said 

Richard Oliver Saturday night at his grill gave him a chill. 

He said, "They started yelling 'Drop the knife. Drop the knife. Drop the knife. Get out of the vehicle. Drop the knife."

We met Neil Smith who said he is visiting his in-laws next-door. 

Smith said, "No. It was no kitchen knife. It was more like a buoy knife like Rambo or something."

Smith said he heard the same thing around dinner time Saturday night. 

"It was basically like it wasn't real," Smith told us. 

We saw spray paint still marked Cline Road near Taylor Street on Sunday. 

"There was a white minivan they stopped and there was a police officer behind him and here comes another police officer down the road from this direction," Oliver described Saturday's scene. 

Arkansas state police are investigating the deadly officer-involved shooting that happened in front of these neighbors. 

Smith said, " It was just like I seen the knife it. Then he just goes running after the cop with his hands in the air like this." 

Oliver described the moment he said he heard gunshots. 

"When he did get out (of the van), he went straight for one of the officers with the knife raised. That's when they shot him," Oliver said. 

Arkansas state police said this happened just after 6:30p.m. Saturday.

Smith told us, " I would have been scared to death in that situation. A guy coming after me with a huge knife."

Arkansas state police said a Clarksville police officer shot and killed 56-year-old Nyung Kyee after trying to pull his car over and Kyee got out of his vehicle and  "brandished a knife."

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Oliver said, "I could hear them saying stay with us buddy. We got help on the way and the other officer was calling for help." 

Sunday night as Oliver moved onto fixing his trailer for hunting season he continued to comfort his kids so they can move on to. 

State police said no police officers were injured. ASP is still investigating the case. 

Clarksville police have not released the name of the officer involved. We are working to find out if the officer is on paid administrative leave. Check back for updates. 

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