Woman Wants State to Launch Site Tracking Domestic Violence Abusers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - When you're passionate about something, you will step out of your home and give voice to people who will listen.

"I want to take things further," says Tammy Sisson. "This is huge."

Sisson says her heart to be an advocate for the innocent started with a little boy.

Isaiah Torres was killed in Northwest Arkansas two years ago.

His parents  Mauricio and Cathy Torres were both sentenced to prison on Capital Murder charges.

"Isaiah was failed on several different levels," says Sisson. "He fell through the cracks several different times."

Sisson says it was Isaiah's story that led her to the idea of creating a Domestic Violence Registry.

She says it would work similar to the Sex Offender Registry. It would be something that anyone can look up.

It's an effort to keep innocent people from falling victim.

"She could've went on this registry and found that he had been charged with something like this," says Sisson.

The map may not predict future victims but Lonoke County Safe Haven Executive Director Sarah Brown says a registry is needed to save lives.

"There's no way to really pinpoint that it's going to happen to that person, we just know statistics are -- it's going to happen," says Brown.

Sometimes a voice is needed not just for change but the voiceless.

"There's women that are not going to see tomorrow," says Sisson. "Women and children die everyday and that's just too many."

Sisson says her registry would have different levels of abusers, just like the sex offender's list.

She's already talking with two lawmakers now. She hopes the issue comes up in the next legislative session.

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