Woman's Arrest with Kids in Car Sparks Drug Concerns in Garland County

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. - The spiraling cylinder outside is as good as a welcome mat.

"My Dad had this shop for a good many years," Don Pogue says.

Pogue owns and runs Piney's barber shop on the outskirts of Hot Springs.

News of drugs influencing his stretch of Garland county is not welcome and spiraling out of control.

"Had a gentleman come in that he's had a rather large business," Pogue says.

"I was cutting his hair and we were just talking...and he turned around looked at me and said 'Do you know anyone who can pass a drug test?'"

Yards away from the barber shop, sheriff's deputies launched an investigation at a convenience store Tuesday along Albert Pike.

Deputies say they found a woman impaired, jumping around in a car and unable to carry a conversation.

Also in the car were two kids under 10 years old, barely clothed with temperatures near freezing, according to a sheriff's report.

A blood screening confirmed meth was in the woman's system, according to an arrest report.

The 29 year old was booked for endangering a child.

"We're here for you," Sgt. John Schroeder with the Garland County Sheriff's Office says, regarding combating drug problems.

"We'd like for you to get rehabilitation and obviously not be using illegal drugs or not be abusing prescription drugs."

Sgt. Schroeder says deputies here are weeks away from getting Narcan, which is a tool used by law enforcement to reverse a drug overdose.

"If we can get Narcan to save a life, maybe that allows that person to change their life," Sgt. Schroeder says.

And, it would be welcomed changes that could give this stretch of town a new look.

"It's got to be stopped," Pogue says.

"We can't have children in these situations."

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