Local Veteran Says He's Waiting Months To See A VA Doctor

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A local veteran says -- even though Arkansas isn't on the list of hospitals being investigated for wait times -- vets are waiting months to get into some local VA clinics.

Air Force Veteran Landen Tucker says after scheduling an appointment in February -- for high blood sugar -- he's still waiting to see a doctor.

And as he waits, Tucker says his health deteriorates.

His counter top is loaded with medications.

Unfortunately, the pills don't seem to be helping his blood sugar.

He said, "This morning it was 399. My head's in a cloud."

Tucker says when he scheduled an appointment with his local VA in February, he was told he couldn't get in until June.

Tucker said, "They need to take care of us. We volunteered to go into the military. There was no draft. We volunteered. They need to take care of us."

With his blood sugar out of control, Tucker says he's also worried about the future of his child.

He said, "And if I lose my eyes or my kidneys or my feet...how am I going to take care of him?"

We did call our Veterans Association.

A spokesman said due to privacy rules, they couldn't talk about Tucker's treatment.

But, Public Affairs Officer Miles Brown did state, "We make every effort to schedule appointments as close to the veteran's desired date as possible. In some of our high-demand specialty clinics, those appointments may be beyond the desired date. When that happens, we work with each veteran on a case-by-case basis to schedule those appointments as quickly as possible."

But for Tucker, that answer doesn't take away the pain.

He says he just hopes he can hold on until June.

Tucker said, "They need to do something because my eyes are going and it looks like a curtain in my eyes."

This isn't the first time Tucker said he's had problems with local VA clinics.

He said through misdiagnosis, it took about seven years to get his gall bladder removed.

He's visited clinics in North Little Rock and Searcy.

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