1-year-old child burned alive

1-year-old child burned alive

The Pulaski County District Court has released new disturbing information on the murders of a man and his one-year-old daughter.
New information in the shooting death of a young father left in a burning truck with his one-year-old daughter.

An 80 page affidavit from the Pulaski County District Court was released Wednesday and explains why and how Palmer and his daughter died.
In the affidavit, investigators say Robert Todd Gatrell and his cousin Daniel Gatrell killed Michael Palmer over money.  Investigators say Palmer went to his friend Robert Gatrell's home the morning of December 12th for truck tires.  Gatrell confessed to shooting Palmer three times with a 12-gauge shotgun after a dispute over money. 

The affidavit then describes how Gatrell wrapped his body in a rug drove him, strapped Hannah Grace into her car seat and set them on fire. Hannah Grace was alive at the time. The document also says that one of the Gatrells said they also had to kill the little girl or she would be considered evidence.

Hannah Grace, not even 2-years-old, lived with her biological father Michael Palmer one day before investigators say Robert Gatrell and his cousin Daniel Gatrell killed them. 

Palmer's mother Sharon Pittman says she just received her son's death certificate and she was too emotional to speak on camera.  Pittman can’t believe someone who visited her home is now accused of killing her son and her granddaughter.

We also spoke with Hannah’s foster parents.

"This is emotionally devastating to us.  We still don't understand why someone could do this to an innocent child. We will continue to hold on tight to countless happy memories we have and the joy and love Hannah Grace expressed....."

The Gatrells remain behind bars without bond. 

At the age of 7 months Hannah Grace was put into foster care and just days before the murders Michael Palmer regained custody of the little girl.
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