17-year-old shot, police looking for suspect

17-year-old shot, police looking for suspect

Little Rock police are looking for a man who shot, and robbed a 17 year old Wednesday late afternoon.
Little Rock police are looking for a 21-year old man wanted for shooting a teenager twice in the head.  The 17-year-old is in the hospital while police try to find the man who robbed him.

A friend of the victim says he was targeted for his TV.  The victim's best friend also says it was a home invasion and that his friend was left defenseless and is lucky to be alive.

Reminders of the shooting are still outside Sheraton Drive in southwest Little Rock, that left Jared Freeman in the hospital.  Police are looking for 21-year-old Edward Smith.

"They just came in and wanted to leave him for dead," Eric Baggett said.  Baggett is close friends with the high school senior.  "He was just at home laying down on the couch and they apparently busted in on him and before he even had a chance, they shot him in the chest I guess."
According to police, Freeman was also shot twice in the head, but managed to tell police, "Edward did it."  Detectives now have warrants out for Smith for aggravated robbery and battery.

Baggett says Freeman's parents are at his bedside.  "He's stable, he's talking, he talked to me a little bit last night when I saw him so he's doing alright," Bagget said.

Relatives of Smith told us off camera, even though he has priors for burglary and theft, they don't think he did it and there's no reason for him to shoot anyone.  Baggett agrees.  And hopes police find him fast.  "I don't know where he is but I just hope somebody gets him because a 17-year old had no reason to almost die over a TV, it's not worth it."

Smith’s family says they haven't seen him around since before Christmas.

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