19 arrested in Arkansas Co. drug bust

Wednesday, the Arkansas County Sheriff announced 19 arrests in a major drug bust.
STUTTGART, AR - Wednesday, the Arkansas County Sheriff announced 19 arrests in a major drug bust.

Sheriff Allen Cheek is not revealing much about the two month long investigation though. Cheek won't tell FOX16 who got arrested Wednesday morning or what charges they face, because he says this investigation is far from over.

"We're not releasing any information on who we arrested because this is just the first phase of this operation," says Arkansas County Sheriff Allen Cheek.

Cheek did reveal that 19 people, mostly from northern Arkansas County, face drug charges. He says officers found K2, cocaine, marijuana, meth, hydrocodone, and prescription drugs during their two month investigation.

In the past, the Arkansas County Sheriff's Department has brought people they've arrested in drug busts to the Stuttgart Police Department, but they didn't want to do that this time because they didn't want to bring attention to the operation.

Instead, Wednesday morning, the Sheriff tells FOX16 members of ten law enforcement agencies, working out of a secret building called "Area 53," brought suspects in for questioning.

"Them guys, I think in a way they enjoyed it, but after today, man, they was beat. They was beat. They were ready to go home and be with their families," says Cheek.

But, Sheriff Cheek says his fight against drugs continues.

"That's the one thing that really makes me sick, you know, out here, you know is the drug use is bad because it's in every family, you know, there's some of that use," he says.

The Sheriff tells FOX16 that he expects potentially dozens of additional arrests as the drug bust continues.
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