30+ Homes Damaged by Severe Storms in Van Buren County

30+ Homes Damaged by Severe Storms in Van Buren County

One family says their mother is lucky to be alive after her home was destroyed by severe weather.

    VAN BUREN COUNTY, AR--The Van Buren County Judge says 30 homes have been damaged, at least 6 destroyed, and several other structures damaged all along Highway 65.
    Roofs, completely removed from homes. Debris, glass, and nails scattered everywhere.
    Luckily, one woman wasn't home at the time her home was destroyed.
    Her son, D.J. Speer says, "I couldn't believe it. It's a total loss inside. We're lucky she was with us instead of here at the time," while standing outside where his childhood home used to be.

    Her family doesn't expect to save much, but they still consider themselves fortunate, and thankful they took precautions as the storm headed their way.

    "You make sure you have a storm cellar and consider yourself lucky if you live through one," Speer said.

    For the most part, his house is still standing, but many homes in Van Buren County were completely wiped off their foundations.
    We've been told the Walnut Grove Fire Department has been heavily damaged.
    So far, we have no reports of any death.
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