4 North Little Rock High School students killed in car crash

4 North Little Rock High School students killed in car crash

North Little Rock High School West Campus lost four students to a car crash late Friday night.
A fatal crash claimed the lives of four North Little Rock high students two months before their graduation. Police say the students were headed to Florida for a spring break trip when one of the students lost control of their SUV and rolled over into a nearby creek. It happened on U.S. Highway 78 near Fulton, Mississippi.

Friends and relatives remembered the students at a candle light vigil at Burns Park Saturday evening. Authorities say one of the students mother was on the scene and saw the crash happen right before her eyes.

"{They are} 17 and 18 and they had their whole lives to live and had so much going for them and it's just all over,” said student Peyton Brazear.

It’s emotional news for students at North Little Rock High. 17-year-olds Robert Johnson, Shea Lowe, and Christopher Adams and 18-year-old Terrance Duckworth died in a car crash early Saturday morning.

"We woke up to texts this morning that said four of our classmates had died," said student Hannah London.

Police say it happened around 4:15 am. Johnson was behind the wheel when he somehow flipped over into a nearby creek.

"Alcohol was not an issue at all in this. It was a group of seniors going to the beach. They were with family, with friends and lost control of the vehicle,” said Captain Mike Davis with North Little Rock Police.

Principal Tracy Allen is taking the news just as hard as his students.

“It's tough. It's very tough because you get to know these kids, they become near and dear to your heart,” he said.

"It was crazy to think that they were all at school Friday and people talked to them an hour before they died and they're gone and won't be at school and it can happen to anybody,” London said.

Johnson was a member of the school's band. Terrance Duckworth was on the football and track teams. Shea Lowe and Chris Adams were members of a community service group at the school.

The principal says they are being remembered for being outstanding, outgoing students.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash. All of the students were wearing their seatbelts.

Although the district is on spring break, North Little Rock's West Campus will open Monday at 9am to help students get through the loss. Grief counselors will be on hand in the school's library. Area ministers are asked to stop by to help comfort students and staff.
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