89-Year-Old Woman Swims to Safety after Falling in Pond

Drew County emergency crews attempted to rescue an 89-year-old woman from a pond but couldn't find her.
DREW COUNTY, AR - When Drew County authorities responded to a call of an elderly woman falling in to a pond, they got there expecting the worst.

The only evidence Drew County deputies had when they arrived to the pond was a tipped over scooter and murky water. It led them to believe the 89-year-old was still in the pond.

They all jumped in frantically searching for the woman in hopes they could save her.

Apparently however, the older lady did in fact fall over but after sinking in the mud and struggling to get herself out, she did and made her way back home. Someone finally realized this and called off the search.

"Yeah we were wet but you know it was perfect, you never have a story like that," remarked Lt. Tim Nichols with the Drew County Sheriff's Office. "Most of them end badly. This one ended perfect."

Mary Ellis' daughter came across the turned over scooter and also thought the worse but somehow, Ellis managed to slip by and get back home without everyone noticing.

"I was sitting here putting on my last shoe," Ellis explained. "Jim came in and said Granny, half of Monitcello's out there looking for you in the pond... I said well I'm not in there."

Search crews including EMS, the Sheriff's Office, Emergency Management and even a dive team had made their way out there by the time someone finally realized Ellis was inside the whole time.
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