A Mother's Story: 'Who Would Want To Kill My Baby?'

A Mother's Story: 'Who Would Want To Kill My Baby?'

The mother of a woman shot and killed in North Little Rock makes a public plea for help in finding her killer.
PINE BLUFF, AR -- Just two days ago, Phyllis Vontungeln's first born child, Samantha Olson, was murdered in cold blood.

She was at her home, in Pine Bluff, when the shooting happened.

She says the hurt will never heal, but finding the person who did this will at least help to give her some sense of closure.

"I don't know why someone would take my baby,"  Vontungeln said with tears pouring down her face.

Vontungeln says her daughter was a daughter any mother would be proud to call their own.

"My baby was a good girl," she says. "She loved people. She was kind and generous."

She says Olson was full of life, always happy, surrounded by family and friends and constantly doting on her daughter.

Vontungeln says she doesn't know anyone who would want to hurt Samantha, and that's why during this very private time of grieving, she's going public with her plea for help.

"I just have to tell myself God has a reason for everything, but whoever did this to my baby, they need to turn themself in," she says.

If you would like to help out financially, there will be a fundraiser all day Saturday.

Ten percent of net sales at the Hardee's on McCain and JFK will go to Samantha's family.

Also, donations, to help the family offset the cost of the funeral, can be made to any Metropolitan National Bank location to the Samantha Cass-Olson account.

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