AR Dept. of Education recruits teachers

This weekend, the Arkansas Department of Education hosted a teacher recruiting event.
This weekend, the Arkansas Department of Education hosted a teacher recruiting event in Little Rock.

ADE is trying to get people with four-year degrees to become teachers across Arkansas.

Courtney Miller has his Master's Degree in accounting, and now he wants to teach.

"What I'm looking at teaching is professional in college teaching in the math level like accounting or business or marketing," says Miller.

This weekend, Miller looked to the Arkansas Department of Education for guidance to get his teaching license.

"You can come here and they can tell you that insight that pretty much you need 30 hours towards your math degree," he says.

There is financial aid available, especially if you want to teach in the Delta. What you make after you have your license varies.

"The pay depends on the area of the state that you're actually teaching in. It would depend on the content area and actually where you teach in the state," says Camille Sterrett with ADE.

Recruiters say it takes a special person to become a teacher.

"We're looking for energetic, motivated individuals that really have a passion for teaching. So, it may not be about the monetary value of the profession, but as long as you are willing to assist some young person with becoming better in society," says Sterrett.

And, Miller hopes he fits that bill.

"Pretty much give back so they can, you know, help them if they don't know which way to go in education and just really teach them the importance of education," says Miller.
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