Active Shooter Training Sessions

Active Shooter Training Sessions

Back by popular demand, Last Resort Firearms hosted another active shooter training session Tuesday night.
WHITE HALL, AR - Back by popular demand, Last Resort Firearms hosted another active shooter training session Tuesday night.

Last month so many people signed up for the course, organizers decided to have another presentation.

An active shooter is the term Last Resort Firearms gives to a person who is out to kill as many people as possible, like the Newtown, Connecticut, or Columbine school shootings. The presentation teaches educators, church leaders, and anyone else who wants to arm themselves with information, how to deal with situations like these and prevent as many deaths as possible.

Co-founder Ed Monk says once an active shooter decides to start his attack, on average someone is going to get shot every ten seconds. "Usually their motivation is fame. They want it to continue until they can get a high score, a high body count. "

Monk says he teaches people they don't have to be defenseless. "You can run and flee, you can barricade and stay put, but that's the worst option. You don't want to do that unless you have no other option, or you can fight if you're capable. "

Thomas Williams is a pastor at Indian Springs Baptist Church. He attended the training session because he wants to know how to prepare his congregation for an active shooter. "We're trying to gather as much information as possible so we can assemble some guidelines and say this is the best way for us to protect our people."

Robbie Walker is a teacher at North Pulaski High School and says he doesn't want his students or fellow teachers to become victims. "Just some knowledge about what we would need to do as a staff to protect the kids and protect each other, and get out of there alive."

Monk says active shooters can rarely be prevented, but he believes their body count can be reduced. "Knowledge is power, and most people don't understand this threat because it's an ugly thing to think about. Most people don't want to think about it, study, or plan for something that is this ugly."

Anyone can sign up for active shooter training, and it's free. The presentations have been so popular that Last Resort Firearms is now taking the sessions into area schools for teachers and staff.

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