App of the Week: Three Ways to Face Valentine's Day Alone

These apps will help you get through the couples holiday.
Getting over an ex used to involve a bed and two guys named Ben & Jerry.

With Valentine's Day almost here, feelings and emotions may heighten knowing you won't be spending the evening with the person you were once very fond of.

The good news is there's now tech-savvy ways (that don't include Facebook stalking) to help you get through a breakup. So say sayonara to the pint of ice cream, blast "We are never ever ever getting back together" on your iPhone as your rally cry and say hello to these apps that will help even the most heartbroken get over it.
  • iShatter Stress Relief - This app is here to help you relieve some of that pent-up aggression on February 14. Choose from a picture frame or flower vase to a mirror or wine glasses and start smashing away. You can even upload a picture of your ex and smash it instantly as many times as you want. Get even without getting arrested.
  • Anti-Valentine Valentine's Day and Breakup Greeting Cards - This app will put a smile on almost any newly single's face. Send greeting cards to your friends, or maybe even to your ex, on Valentine's Day. With over 50 cards to choose from, you are sure to lighten the mood on Valentine's Day.
  • Drunk Dial NO! - This app may be the single most important invention to save you from embarrassment and help get through a break-up. Drunk Dial NO! allows you to hide the contacts of your choice by blocking their information for up to 48 hours. No matter how clouded your judgment may be on Friday night, you'll wake up on Saturday morning thankful that this app stopped you from drunk dialing your ex. Stop that feeling of insane regret before it starts with this lifesaving app.
Hopefully these apps will help you get through this Hallmark holiday. If you find yourself still in a puddle of misery after checking out these break-up apps, here's one last bit of advice straight from the queen of breakups herself, Elizabeth Taylor: "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."
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