Arkansas Marathon Runner Returns Home from Boston

Jeff Glasbrenner arrived at Clinton National Airport this afternoon.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- An Arkansan who participated in the Boston Marathon has returned home.

Jeff Glasbrenner arrived at Clinton National Airport this afternoon, and was greeted by his family.

Glassbrenner says the race started out well, but with just three-tenths of a mile to go he says he heard a loud crash, and thought it was a garbage truck.

It wasn't until police stopped him, and spectators began to talk about explosions, that he learned what had happened.

"When the terrorists strike, they are trying to steal our joy.

They're trying to take our independence and freedom, our goals and dreams.

I have some unfinished business.

I'm going back to Boston next year to prove to them that they're not going to steal my joy.

I'm going to get to that finish line!"

Glasbrenner says the people of Boston came together after the explosions, making sure the runners had plent of water, food, and comfort.

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