Arkansas Politicians Talk Shutdown Deal

Arkansas Politicians Talk Shutdown Deal

Each U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative from Arkansas voted to end the shutdown.

6 Arkansas politicians, 2 Senators, 4 Representatives, 1 Democrat, 5 of them Republicans, but all voted the same way to end the government shutdown. For the 1st time since 1995, the United States Government was closed for 2 weeks, but deep into the night on Wednesday a deal was struck.

Republican Congressman Tim Griffin said, "I hope we never do that again."

"We're glad the government is up and running again."

Democratic Senator Mark Pryor said, "I don't want any of the Congressmen or Senators to pat themselves on the back just for the doing their job."

The deal not only ended the freeze on the government, it also raised the debt ceiling, and will not allow the United States to default on its debts, but for both of these Natural State leaders, this agreement means more work. 

Congressman Griffin said, "The bill that we voted on last night was certainly not perfect."

"We've got to deal with the long term problem, this is just for a few months."

Senator Pryor added, "We never should have gotten here in the first place, we still have a lot of hard work to do."

In a statement, Republican Senator John Boozeman said, "“This isn’t a perfect solution, but it provides immediate economic stability by avoiding a default on our financial obligations and it forces Congress to address the bigger issue of unsustainable Washington spending that has left us with a $17 trillion debt. This is a step in the right direction to returning to regular order in Washington and making the difficult decisions of how taxpayer dollars are spent.”

Also in a statement, Representative Tom Cotton said, "“I supported legislation tonight to prevent Barack Obama from risking a default on our national debt and to open parts of the government that were temporarily shut down.  This bill is far from perfect, but it preserves annual spending caps and allows for more negotiation to stop Washington's out-of-control spending.  Senate Democrats have fought hard for more spending and to protect Obamacare at all costs.  They even voted to keep Congress's special Obamacare exemption rather than keeping the government open.  I'll use the time provided by this bill to keep fighting for Arkansas taxpayers who also want to be protected from Obamacare, as well as real spending reforms.”

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